In my pajamas and loving it!

Pajamas, if done well, are the bomb.

Pajamas, if done well, are the bomb.

There is something so lovely about being in your pajamas.  So warm and cozy.  So comfortable.  And if you’re in the mood, even sexy.  Pajamas, for me, are an expression of the real me.  Sometimes you just want to change into a person that doesn’t have to worry, obsess, work out or wear makeup.  And that person wears pajamas.

Some of my best work is done in my pajamas while holding a cup of coffee.  Cleaning the house.  Writing.  Talking on the phone to my besties.  Giving my dog a belly rub.  Pajamas are an outer reflection of inner peace.  Even the act of opening the cabinet door to gaze at my pajamas is part of the ritual.  We live in a stressful world that is constantly yelling at us.  BE A BETTER PARENT!  MAKE MORE MONEY!  LOSE WEIGHT!  DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL!  Alternately, when I look at my pajamas, all they say is relax.  They look at me in their soft cotton way and say, bitch, chill out.  Whatever is causing your mind to race is easily cured with a little cutesy pattern that feels like a fuzzy fur stuffed animal.  Now that shit is calming.

To me, coffee completes pajamas.  But it's not 100% necessary.

To me, coffee completes pajamas. But it’s not 100% necessary.

You see, for me, and for many of my suburban cohorts, pajamas are the one thing at the end of the day that can activate our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS).  It’s the peaceful part of your autonomic nervous system- the opposite of that fucking sympathetic nervous system that always has you on high alert, sending you running to the wine cabinet and screaming obscenities.  The PNS restores us to balance after a stressful events, when we are safe and perceive ourselves as out of harm’s way.  It works to decrease heart rate, slows your pulse and allows natural digestive processes to occur.  In other words, I see my pajamas and everything feels okay.

Now, there are exceptions to this rule.  You know the ones.  They wear pajamas to pick up their kids from school (*note* morning drop off in your car is exempt), grocery shop, go to the mall and Starbucks, among other suburban locations.  This is disheartening.  You do not have to subject your dentist to your bright yellow Sponge Bob pajama pants.  Pajamas are a little like vampires, they don’t like being exposed to the light of the real world.  They lose their power when exposed to such daily trivialities and subsequently relegate the wearer to “laziness.”  There are societal conventions we all abide by:  you wear a bikini to the beach but not to work.  You wear a cocktail dress to a formal party but not the gym.  We all have to follow these rules, and when you decide to say “fuck it” and wear your pajamas in public, well, frankly, it ruins the glory of pajama-wearing for the rest of us.  Get your shit together and choose your daywear accordingly, please.

Even designers have been rolling out some pajama-themed frocks on the runways lately.  Everyone wants to be comfortable and it’s about time that someone figured that out.  But pajama-like designer clothing?  Save it for your house, people.  No one wants to see that.

One exception which can be really fun is to get together with friends and have a good old fashioned sleepover or movie night when you wear your pajamas.  It’s super fun to hang out with the girls and drink wine and watch a chic flick while rocking some footies or flannels.  Nothing says friendship like hanging out in your shlumpies.  Having recently done this with friends, I highly recommend it.

Life can be busy and hectic, even when it’s awesome.  Don’t wait until bedtime to put on your pj’s!  Put them on after dinner and don’t take them off until absolutely necessary to do so.  You’re welcome.

What are your favorite pajamas?



Photo of coffee mug courtesy of Barbara Paulsen.

First image from Etsy.