Farewell Suburbo-types!

Time for something new.

Time for something new.

Thanks to all my wonderful readers for a great run.  I’m on to some new exciting ventures and plan to pursue more of my first love, fiction writing, as well as some poetry mixed in.  For those in my ‘hood, there are some other community related ideas that are brewing.  We’ll be in touch;)  Suburbo-types is close to my heart and I thank all those who read faithfully, complimented consistently, allowed me to interview them and wholeheartedly embraced the project.  Special thanks to Barbara Paulsen for her photos, which often served as inspiration for the words in the posts.

See ya in the suburbs!


3 comments on “Farewell Suburbo-types!

  1. Mari STephenson says:

    Thanks…..it was a nice run.

  2. Goose says:

    Thanks for all the stories you left with us! I will miss suburbotypes, but look forward to your next path!

  3. mthoodmama says:

    Your writing always made me think and laugh. Two great combos. And, I was honored to share your journey with you in photos. Can’t wait to read your book! xo

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